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With more than 23 years of commitment to customer oriented metal parts , wear parts & machine parts in Taiwan, sunrise extended in Ningbo , china in 2001, as a construction , drilling & trenching , tunneling , road milling and farming etc. we also can design and product the goods according to customers drawing or samples.
Combining experiences gained in Taiwan with production advantages in china, we firmly believe in our capabilities of providing our worldwide customers the best production performance , quality and services with the most cost-effective approach..,
Sunrise equipped a series of advanced facilities to support all processes that required to make for dies, tools and full line of replacement wear parts and machine parts, these equipment include numerical control CNC lathe , vertical machining center with milling machine , varies of grinding machine , drilling machine , stamping press , EDM wire-cut machine , sawing machine , shot blasting machine , different types of welding & equipped on august of 2007, the long-listed facilities for accurate process of making components were installed to meet the exacting and diverse requirements of our customers.
Along with our well-organized management of manufacturing procedure , sunrise takes fully control of all kinds of techniques required by metal process , machining process & die making process etc, a full engineering support is available to assist with customer product development , we can consult our customer with material & process selection and design proper tools and fixture to achieve cost saving & up grade parts level. We use CAD/CAM to support customer in design of their components and necessary tolling, we serve our customer with more technology-baded added ?alue.
In addition to above , we extend our knowledge & experiences on metal castings & value added services to satisfy our customer varies parts with our efficient vertical integration resources.



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